Speck Badu Top S II

Full view, clear lid. Unique locking ring. High temperature resistance up to 60 °C. Can be used for pool water with a salt concentration of up to 0.5%, (i.e. 5 g/L). In cases of a higher salt concentration please contact us. Self-priming. Install the pump maximum 3 m above or below the water surface. Superior seal to traditional screw top lids. E-plus energy efficient motor. Outstanding performance with lower electrical consumption. Metric and imperial unions supplied: 2″ suction and 1 ½” discharge. Supplied with cable.

Filter Products:
14822400020.25 kW1 Phase
14822400030.3 kW1 Phase
14822400060.45 kW1 Phase
14822400080.65 kW1 Phase
14822400131.0 kW1 Phase
14822400171.3 kW1 Phase
14822410020.25 kW3 phase
14822410030.3 kW3 phase
14822410060.45 kW3 phase
14822410080.65 kW3 phase
14822410131.0 kW3 phase
14822410171.3 kW3 phase
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