Speck EasyFit

The champion of flexibility with seven connection sets, making the EasyFit pump compatible with at least nine different pump types. The often time-consuming task of installing a new circulation pump into an existing filter unit is a thing of the past. The pump can be installed maximum 3 m above or below water level. The bellows-type mechanical seal is mounted on a plastic shaft protector sleeve. Motor/pump shaft has no contact with the pool water, providing complete electrical separation. Easy connection to existing pipes – height adjustable pump feet reduce assembly time and effort. Metric and imperial unions supplied – see table for sizes.

Filter Products:
14822403090.3 kW1 Phase
14822403120.45 kW1 Phase
14822403150.65 kW1 Phase
14822403180.8 kW1 Phase
14822403241.0 kW1 Phase
14822403291.3 kW1 Phase
14822403452.2 kW1 Phase
14822413090.3 kW3 phase
14822413120.45 kW3 phase
14822413150.65 kW3 phase
14822413180.8 kW3 phase
14822413241.0 kW3 phase
14822413291.3 kW3 phase
14822413361.8 kW3 phase
14822413452.2 kW3 phase
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