Watersens Salt Controllers

Easy, intuitive operation using a touch screen. Wide range of connection options for control of external devices. Measures pH and chlorine/bromine levels (Analyt 3 also measures redox). Extensive alarm functions which can be set acoustically, visually, via relay outputs, or as emails (if internet connection is available). Long-term log book function for recording pool‘s operating history. Pressure resistant, potentiostatic gold/platinum measuring cell for accurate measurement of chlorine content. Easy calibration and maintenance of chlorine measuring cell. 4 universal switching inputs (potential-free). The flow rate of the dosing pumps can be put in the software in order to calculate the dosage. Dosing pumps are controlled via an On/Off signal; individual strokes of diaphragm dosing pumps can be controlled directly from the device. Eco mode switches off display when not needed.

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