We use a mechanical seal with both sides in carbide, and seals manufactured in Viton (a specialist synthetic rubber compound). Roller bearings: we have also developed new technology in this field, by installing high temperature 2RS C3 , class H roller bearings as standard on all our pumps. All bolts and screws 100 % grade 304 stainless steel. Balanced rotor. Shaft in friction/fusion 316 L stainless steel, fully covered by the turbine tail portion, so no contact with the pumped liquid. Very low intensity, so saves on energy. Compatible with seawater and salt electrolysers. Extremely quiet. Standard P2 capacitors.

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14642400040.37kW1 Phase
14642400090.55kW1 Phase
14642400140.75kW1 Phase
14642400191.1kW1 Phase
14642400241.5kW1 Phase
14642400291.8kW1 Phase
14642400342.2kW1 Phase
14642410040.37kW3 phase
14642410090.55kW3 phase
14642410140.75kW3 phase
14642410191.1kW3 phase
14642410241.5kW3 phase
14642410291.8kW3 phase
14642410342.2kW3 phase
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