PPG Glass

Produced by Dryden Aqua in their own factory and in strict compliance with their ISO certified process, PGFM is one of the highest quality refined glass filter medias on the market. Glass is first washed, decontaminated and then carefully broken to the appropriate particle shape and size. Great care is taken to ensure dangerous glass splinters do not get into the finished material and the organic load is below 400g per ton. PGFM is different to AFM® as it does not undergo their patented activation process and is manufactured from mixed glass including white glass. Although PGFM is not bioresistant, it biofouls less and is therefore a better filter media than sand making it the perfect solution for the generic sand market and for the price sensitive customer less concerned with exceptional performance.

1564277010Grade 1
1564277020Grade 2
1564277030Grade 3
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