PPG Deluxe

Successor to the Badu 90, which for years was the standard in the swimming pool industry when it comes to reliability, efficiency and noise level. Combines existing and proven technology with the latest modern technologies. A modern, sleek pump with more efficient hydraulic performance and whisper-quiet operation. Can be placed at a maximum of 3 meters above or 3 meters below water level. Particularly suitable for use in swimming pools with salt electrolysis systems with a salt concentration of 0.5% (5 grams/litre).

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14642401030.3kW1 Phase
14642401080.45kW1 Phase
14642401130.55kW1 Phase
14642401180.75kW1 Phase
14642401231kW1 Phase
14642401281.5kW1 Phase
14642401332.2kW1 Phase
14642411030.3kW3 phase
14642411080.45kW3 phase
14642411130.55kW3 phase
14642411180.75kW3 phase
14642411231kW3 phase
14642411281.5kW3 phase
14642411332.2kW3 phase
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