Monitair Dehumidifier

High performance dehumidifiers with additional air heating options. A through the wall version is available that can be situated in a plant room adjacent to the pool hall. High performance and high capacity dehumidifiers provide high moisture extraction for low power consumption. Corrosion free and easy to clean. Adjustable air outlet. Zero ozone depleting refrigerant. Low internal operating pressures ensure a long life. Quiet, two-speed, centrifugal fans. Hot gas defrost (allows operation to 5°C air temperature). Remote humidistat and on/off function.

Filter Products:
17164311101 Phase110AX
17164311751 Phase75AX
17164312101 Phase110AX
17164312751 Phase75AXLPHW
17164313101 Phase110AXTTW
17164313751 Phase75AXTTW
17164314103 phase110AXLPHWTTW
17164314751 Phase75AXLPHWTTW
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