Inverter Plus Heat Pump

The Full-Inverter® heat pump cuts running costs in half and operates more quietly throughout the swimming season based on average power. At the start of the season, the heat pump operates at 100% power to heat the pool as quickly as possible during the first few days. After that, the full-inverter heat pump runs at an average of 50% of the power to maintain the desired pool temperature. Remote management of the heat pump is possible thanks to the built-in WiFi module and smart user app. On average 10 times quieter due to twin-rotary Full-Inverter® DC compressors which reduce vibrations to an absolute minimum. Compressors also work at a lower speed after the pool has warmed up to keep the temperature of the pool stable. Soft start function. We recommend choosing an Inverter+ heat pump of the correct size so that the heat pump can usually run at a lower speed, reducing noise and saving energy.

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176439621010.5kW1 Phase
176439621313kW1 Phase
176439621717.5kW1 Phase
176439622020.5kW1 Phase
176439622727.5kW1 Phase
176439722727.3kW3 phase
176439723635.8kW3 phase
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