InverX Horizontal Heat Pump

The most revolutionary heat pump of recent years. InverX combines quiet operation with powerful turbo performance. The patented TurboSilence® Tech control provides a perfect balance between inverter compressor control and heat exchange technology. The result? Pool heats up faster, lower energy consumption and super quiet operation. In short, everything that intelligent pool technology is all about. Original patented hexagon with honeycomb, the largest combined space. Beautiful and intelligent touchscreen for reading current status. Remote management of the heat pump is possible thanks to the built-in WiFi module and smart user app.

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176439601111.3kW1 Phase
176439601414kW1 Phase
176439601818kW1 Phase
176439602222kW1 Phase
176439602727.5kW1 Phase
176439702727.5kW3 phase
176439703535kW3 phase
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