Calplas HFS

Industrial quality polyester filter, color blue RAL 5015. The HFS filter is considerably higher than the FA filter and contains almost 50% more filter medium, more contact time due to a higher filter bed and therefore a better filter and flocculation process. The HFS 15 filter and the models above it are equipped with a larger transparent filter cover and contain approximately 20% more filter medium. Equipped with a special AFM diffusor for ideal water distribution on the filter bed, which prevents the formation of craters. Maximum operating pressure 2.5 bar, test pressure 3.75 bar (available on request with operating pressure up to 7 bar). Temperature resistant up to 40°c. Includes pressure gauge, air vent and transparent lid. Exclusive 6-way valve, optional automatic or manual selection. Besgo backwash valve fits standard on the filter, coupling set required separately stated.

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