Blue Lagoon UV-C Xpert Duplex

Specially developed for the professional swimming pool builder. Applicable in all swimming pools, including salt electrolysis. Equipped with a practical and professional control box with integrated electronic ballast and LED indicator for monitoring and displaying the life of the lamp. Control box with extra long cable for flexible placement. Transparent lamp top for easy visual lamp inspection. Inside the stainless steel Duplex housing (ø 70 mm) the (reflective) radiation is amplified by up to 35%. Model Xpert 140 W is equipped with an amalgam lamp, the strongest UV-C light whose efficiency is influenced by temperature fluctuations. Equipped with flow switch which switches off the lamp when the flow is too low. Proper grounding is important. Mounting horizontally and vertically possible (supports interchangeable). Maximum working pressure 2 bar. UV-C radiation neutralizes bacteria, viruses and other organisms and stops them from multiplying. Can reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals by up to 80%. No risk of overdose.

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